an article by Drowemos

I am not a professional

Occasionally someone will get on the web filled with spite and anger and yell something to the effect of “How dare Drowemos portray himself as a professional writer.” Now I’ll give you a moment to get over the shock of that someone gets on the internet with spite and anger. I know it’s weird but it does on rare occasions happen.

But the weirder part of all this is the implication that I am portraying myself as a professional. That would be something to be upset about I suppose if I ever said that I was a professional anything. I don’t think I am a professional comic writer. I don’t think I am gifted with ungodly talent of prose. Hell 87% of the time I can’t even spell the words in this bloody language.

Now I do hire professional artist and I do accept money from reader to pay these artists. The artist and readers are part of a professional exchange. I however am merely a middle man. I take the money and forward it on to the artist. I have not now nor do I ever expect to get any money for my writing.

I have said this before and I will say it again; writing comics is fun. Writing is fun. I make comics because I enjoy doing it. Even if I didn’t have a processional artist to work with I would still write little scripts of my own. I caught the writing bug and I don’t see myself getting over it any time soon.

The point is I never claimed to be a great writer or even a good writer. I am occasionally a clever writer. I will continue to write and practice and maybe I will one day I will become a good writer and maybe I never will. Honestly I don’t really care. I just enjoy writing.

So the second implication that people make is that if I am putting my work on the web I must think it’s great. This is a vast misunderstanding of what I am doing here. I put my work on the web to get better at writing. I put it on the web because I feel there is so much for me to learn. The web offers a great community to help people improve their craft. I put it on the web to be criticized. Granted I don’t want to hear that I am a worse subhuman monster than a zombie bastard clone child of Hitler and Satan. But real concrete criticism is greatly appreciated. (except, of course, for spelling corrections that as I have said under the dyslexia post is a lost cause for me)

But this begs the question if I don’t think I am great then why am I paying a professional artist. Frankly, because I can. I can make enough money off the comic to get some pretty pictures. And I like pretty pictures. Their umm… pretty and stuff.

But isn’t this a waste of talent that could be used for better writing? I suppose so. Heck if you had a really good comic idea and you are a great writer I would be open to the idea of moving money and an artist over to your work, for a percentage of the profit of course. In fact I would highly encourage people to drop me a line if they think they have a great idea for a comic. If it really is good I help produce it.

I could never envision myself as a professional writer. I might however be able to envision myself as a professional middle man. Setting up processes to get money from readers and forward it on to talented artist. I think I am starting to get good at that.

Got a great idea?