Other comics made/produced by Drowemos:

Blade Bunny –  Ditzy but deadly ninja girl

To Dream of Dragons – Drowemos’ Webcomic Junk Drawer

Legacy Comic (on Hiatus) – Wizard in Vegas.

Knit Princess – A comic about a knitting obsessed girl.  I pay for this one but don’t write it.

Other Fun Comics

Sluggy Freelance – Old guard comic with great stories.

Stix and Bones

Super Normal Step

The Fancy Adventures of Jack Cannon

Princess and the Giant – A very interesting experimental comic about a kidnapped princess

Sinfest – Gag a day strip that is funny, sweet and a little dirty all at the same time.

Comics Like Exiern

Skadi – Barbarian babe out to eat all meat and become a man (not as raunchy as it sounds)

Oglaf – Comics in a fantasy world.  Often sexual always funny.  NSFW

Misfile – Story of Ash a hard core street racer turned into a girl by an angelic clerical error

Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic – D and D humor with a good measure of naked people.

Friends of Exiern

The Avalon Saga

Star ship Moonhawlk

Walking the Leethe

Hero Academy

Comic Resources


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