Creator – Drowemos

Drowemos is the creator and original artist/writer for Exiern. He wrote everything from 2005 until near the end of 2011.

Second Writer – Chemiclord

Chemiclord (Thomas Knapp) was brought on near the end of 2011 to continue writing the adventures of Tiffany, Peonie, and the cast of Exiern. Chemiclord‘s writings completed in 2014.

Current Writer & Editor – Scott T. Hicken

Scott T. Hicken took over management and ownership of Exiern in 2011. All writing and editing duties were taken over by Scott T. Hicken in July of 2014.

Current Artist – Antipus (website)

2005 to 2010 Exiern was drawn by Studio Boom.

2010 to 2016 Exiern was drawn by Shipeng Lee.

2016 to present Exiern is drawn by Antipus.


The World of Exiern

Typhan-Knee (also known as Tiffany for a time)

A male barbarian from the North, Typhan-Knee faced the wizard Faden. Faden, grabbing a random book from his collection out of desperation, and cast the first curse he could find – a white magic spell that had to be overcharged. The curse changed Typhan-Knee from an enraged male barbarian to a very enraged female barbarian. Faden was then beaten to a pulp by said barbarian maiden.

Typhan-Knee, taking the name Tiffany for a time, became stuck in an unfamiliar female form. This proved quite a problem for a misogynist from a misogynistic people. Later reclaiming his birth name and gender, Typh seeks a way to break the curse, but Faden was a powerful wizard and lifting the spell is quite difficult. This has become even more apparent, as the curse has proven to be somewhat alive and more complicated than thought; not only has it infected those who try to remove it, but at times it has molded Typh into his subconscious view of women.

He is quick to anger and quick to act, but he is not stupid or impulsive. Typh is actually much brighter than most would assume.


Princess Peonie of the Grand Luminary Alliance (Peonie)

Peonie, it seems, was born to be the princess in distress. She has been taken hostage more times than she would like to count. Some say that this is due to her position as heir to the largest nation in the west; other says that it is because of the huge tracks of land she possesses.

But the truth of the matter is that it is because Peonie does not act like a princess. Peonie is a risk taker and she craves the adventure and excitement which a prim and proper palace life has kept her from. At the same time she is rather naïve about the world, and assumes the best about people – even when the evidence points to the contrary. Add a general childish disregard for rules and you get a perfect storm of hostageablity.

During her latest peril Peonie was rescued by the barbarian warrior Typhan-Knee. Peonie tried to help Typhan-Knee adjust to his new body. They have become good friend and Peonie often keeps Typhan-Knee’s more fiery temperament in check.


Denver Tadwick
A scholar that crossed paths with Tiffany and Peonie during their return home, he involved them in the search for his missing sister. This was going all fine and dandy until Tiffany, on her own in the woods, was attacked by said sister – who turned out to be on her metamorphosis stage to becoming a dragon. It is common practice for dragons to burn villages and leave their human-like young in the remains, and much has implied that Denver is, unknowingly, an incubating fire-breather like his sibling.

Denver is usually mild mannered, but capable of anger and brash action if pushed too hard. He and Tiffany have also shared their moments of romantic fascination and attraction, something which has not yet been further explored by either for various reasons.


Sister Teresa (formerly Brother Thomas)

Brother Thomas was one of the spellsingers from The Church of Rem who attempted to cure Typhan-Knee of his curse. Their smug attitude was quickly changed when the curse changed them all into women for their attempted meddling. Later on, all the altered brothers were returned to their male forms…except for “Thomas.” Taking on the name Teresa, she was quite pleased with her new form and believes her satisfaction is why she was not returned to “normal.”

This didn’t go over well with The Church of Rem, who did not believe it was a woman’s place to wield the spells they had long trained in, and the Church attempted to silence Teresa. King Urtica stepped in and had Teresa released back to him with full Church privileges, for reasons not yet fully revealed.

Teresa and Typhan-Knee do not get along, possibly because of how different they have reacted to their respective curses, possibly because their backgrounds have such differing viewpoints, or possibly because Teresa is quite capable of just being an ass when she wants to be.


King Urtica of the Grand Luminary Alliance

It may be good to be the king, but when you are in charge of the largest nation in the land you better be a damn good king! Urtica has certainly proven he has what it takes. An individual who has proven he can be equally just and concerned for his people as he is willing to poison (or not) those who have angered him or interfered with his plans…he’s also not above simply stabbing them in the belly himself.

He is also the father of Princess Peonie, which must come with its own set of concerns. He recently appointed Typhan-Knee the princess’ guardian in order to fulfill the absent Queen’s last request to him. Technically Typhan-Knee has betrothed himself to a royal marriage for the rescue of Peonie, and the King has indicated that if his daughter is unable to uphold that part of the reward he is more than willing to satisfy that portion himself, although Typhan-Knee has turned it down despite a mutual attraction.


Ctyx and Mira

Ctyx has had it rough. A young boy in a fishing village, Faden encountered him after Typhan-Knee sliced off his hand. Faden then sliced off Ctyx’s hand for his own use. Ctyx later found Faden’s hand, which grafted itself to the boy. This has granted Ctyx powers and influence which he has yet to fully comprehend.

Mira was an innocent young girl who fancied Ctyx. She followed him to Urtica’s kingdom only to wind up killed during an altercation, and her form later stolen by a skinwalker. Her body was later located and retrieved by Ctyx.

Ctyx has sworn that he will do anything to save/help Myra, and he’s come into the possession of magical objects which have claimed they can assist him with this.


Faden (The Dark Lord, Lord of the Gaelish Coast)
Faden has been the undisputed ruler of the Gaelish Cost for over a decade. Unlike most despotic wizards, Faden pretty much keep to himself ruling his land with an iron fist but not causing any trouble outside his borders. Then one day, with out explanation, he kidnapped the heir to the Grand Luminary Alliance.

The Luminaries marched to war, but chances of defeating Faden’s mystically enhanced army was low. Hoping to defuse the need for extended battle the king offered a reward to any hero that could rescue the princess unharmed. One barbarian warrior heeded the call and set out to face Faden.

Faden is the most powerful wizard in the west, but even powerful wizards can have bad days. When the barbarian burst into his lair a spell backfired and he was defeated. Now a prisoner he seeks to escape and regain his lost power.


The Unicorn
Unicorns vanished from the world soon after the departure of the gods. A spell miscast by the wizard Faden has brought one of the unicorns back into existence. The Unicorn has bonded with the barbarian warrior Typhan-Knee. Its horn blocks black magic and locks of its main prevent psychic attacks.