I’ve mentioned before that Exiern is built on some really shaky coding that we are still trying to update/migrate around to give us a better working – and looking – website. This has meant downage in the past, and in some cases delays in page posting. Traditionally I’ve been really bad about creating redundancies, emergency communication plans, or other ways to keep readers updated. Shan and I are working on changing that, and you can follow Exiern three different ways now.

First is our Patreon page, which is probably the best and first place you’ll find updates. Not only will new weekly pages always post there, but it is where I will first make any important announcements to everyone if Exiern.com goes down.

In regards to more traditional social media, Shan has helped revive our Twitter account. I recommend following that, as I will also be trying to post more there. We’ll both be working on improving our social media presence. And since it is a push service important announcements will also go there when needed.

Finally, if you want what will primarily be a blast from the past each month, we have a Tumblr. Currently it will be used primarily to give old storylines more exposure, but we could see more stuff go there in the future as we flesh out a better online plan.

So there you go, Patreon, Twitter, and Tumblr each offering different ways to keep up with what’s going on with Exiern.com!

And as always, thanks for reading on the dusty old website!