So, I managed to talk Scott into turning over the keys for Exiern to me for a couple of weeks over the holiday period. However, he’ll still be overseeing the posting of images to make sure things go up when they’re supposed to reduce the risk of unfortunate accidents as much as possible. A reminder who I am again, long after Scott had taken over the job Drowemos was doing, I took on something at least approximating what Scott once did.

That’s right, it’s just like the Sith. There’s at least two people (except for when there wasn’t). Also … well, where I’m a low rent version of Kylo Ren (never mind Darth Vader), Scott still has the real power where anything of importance is concerned (I’m not writing any of the ongoing story in any way for starters).

The jury’s still out on whether he can shoot lightning bolts from his hands so best to play things on the safe side. After all, I’m barely strong enough to write a strongly worded objection, never mind being able to drop him down an elevator shaft as a measure of last resort. Just kidding, Scott as a boss is OK (obviously just a joke Scott … please don’t hurt me).

However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t an avenue to make your voice heard. Don’t forget to use the opportunity of the comments section during this time to write anything from critiques about the story so far to suggestions about anything to do with the story going forward or behind the scenes production issues among other things.

It’s basically going to be like a rolling suggestion box where you don’t have to worry about derailing any discussion of the story. For all intents and purposes, open threads within reason for the next couple of weeks. Lots of forward planning is in motion as we speak and as much input from as many sources as possible is wanted for the years ahead to make things as good as possible.

Scott is waiting to hear from as many of us as possible including people who’ve either not commented for a long time but are still reading or long-term readers who’ve never commented. As many comments as possible from as many different viewpoints as possible are wanted because hopefully there’s many years to go yet and of course, Scott wants to make the story as good as possible for us, the audience. All help forthcoming is very welcome and much appreciated.

The posting schedule of new pages and images for the holidays is:

25th December 2017: A very special Christmas themed page. Especially topical for today of all days.

28th December 2017: A thank you to a very important contributor for their efforts in the last year or so.

30th December 2017: A thank you to another very important contributor for their efforts in the last year or so.

1st January 2018: A New Year’s Day page marking both a new phase of the Exiern story and production behind the scenes.

2nd January 2018: Which starts with a new page here …

4th January 2018: … and keeps going here. Complete with a surprise guest appearance!

9th January 2018: Back to the regular story and artist every Tuesday from here for the foreseeable future from here! One day, we hope for more than one page a week but … uh … we can’t see when that’s going to be yet.

We’re working on it. We’re working on it right now!