I’ve mentioned before that I prefer to be a reclusive creator; to stay behind the scenes, display whatever I have to present, and let the audience enjoy and interpret the comic however they like. I think this creates a more enjoyable experience for all.

The down side is that I don’t have a method of regularly updating everyone on what is going on, and when events behind the scenes start to affect the comic my wonderful readers don’t have any insight into what is going on or why.

For some time now Shan and I have been trying to figure out how to bring Exiern back to twice-a-week updates. Part of that plan was for me to adapt my prose story You’re Never Fully Dressed… into a comic script and Shan commissioned artist Colin Wells to draw it. My upcoming story lines will be making use of things introduced in that story, and we thought it would be best if it was clearly an official part of the comic. We originally planned for it to update twice-a-week while we worked out a faster schedule with Antipus.

While You’re Never Fully Dressed… was in production various personal life and technical issues came up which meant we ended up burning through all of Antipus’ buffer. That meant that each week Antipus’ amazing artwork was being pushed through as quickly as possible to try and keep to at least a weekly posting schedule, Tuesdays be damned. It was exhausting for all of us, so when You’re Never Fully Dressed… completed production we were all eager to get it started so that we could breathe for a bit. Colin’s work was literally a life saver.

So a story line that was written, paced, and intended to post at least twice-a-week has been posting once-a-week while we have been recovering and rebuilding the buffer. Antipus has been delivering new Exiern pages each month and Patreon Patrons got to see a preview of it last month, and will see more this month.

Now, while all of THAT has been happening other things have also transpired behind the scenes. Production of Dark Reflections has for all intents and purposes ceased for reasons I don’t have full control over (although we are wrestling them back with plans to get moving again). We also had a crash in the revenue from our advertisements. And I was laid off from one job and after much searching I found a new one, but it pays significantly less.

So, even though You’re Never Fully Dressed… has allowed for us to build back a little buffer, we haven’t switched to twice-a-week because that isn’t economically feasible, at least not by how things are currently set up.

So more change is coming.

I wish Exiern could post twice-a-week again. I wish the spin-off comics could update more often. I wish I could do more for it. But I can’t. Sadly, we’ve reached the point where I can no longer handle producing Exiern at a deficit.

This month I’ll be posting more details about the costs, and detail what changes will be coming to address that. I plan to adjust Patreon to better serve our Patrons and reflect what Exiern needs – and I want to send many thanks to Shan for funding the comics that are still posting to Patreon.

And I want to thank everyone who has continued to support us there despite delays.

I love writing Exiern, and I can promise it will keep on going, may that be one page every two weeks, once-a-week, twice-a-week, or who knows. While I finalize my plans I also throw open the floor to everyone to comment and feedback. If there’s anything anyone wants to suggest I’m all ears.

Exiern is for everyone. So the solutions to guarantee its future should be open to everyone as well.

After all, at the end of the day, I think we all want more Exiern. I’m not here to make money, but sadly I am at a point where I can’t continue to lose this much of it. I hope that together we’ll be able to find a way to move forward in a fashion that works best for everyone.

As always, thanks for reading.


P.S. In order to give this post some time to breathe this week’s comic will post Thursday.