Scott isn’t a believer in having webcomics fight each other in the arena which is one of the reasons why there isn’t a Top Webcomics voting button on the site. However, it is a handy repository to showcase art that doesn’t necessarily always fit in the main continuity of the ongoing story, so having said that, there’s a new image for both Exiern and Dark Reflections on their respective voting pages.

Now admittedly, it was a bit of an ad hoc thing to start with, with November being actually for the webcomic Puck ( by Spying With Lana’s Sean Harrington ( via the movie Fight Club (though Exiern was listed in the credits!) while December dropped even that pretence and was just straight up for Spying With Lana.

But for the start of 2017, there is a picture with bona fide Exiern characters made specially for this image – which is admittedly sourced from the not entirely thematically unrelated Chinese webseries Go Princess Go – which I’ve been at least attempting to review here – and illustrated by How to be a Werewolf’s Shawn Lenore (

Well, I guess small steps is what I’m staying here.

Dark Reflections has a third image from Colin Wells of the webcomic Normal ( and can’t stress the point too highly that one does not just become an expert villain (or even a villain’s henchman) without proper preparation first. Like so many things in life, it’s not something you can just walk straight into.

As a final note, I promise I’ll get those Go Princess Go reviews finished as soon as possible. Things happened, as they say but on the upside, it did lead to what we hope is exciting new developments for Exiern to be seen over the course of 2017.

So hopefully, these are a good sign of what’s to come and you can vote here:

and here

to see them.

The hope is to eventually get to new incentives monthly but I can’t say when that’s going start happening with certainty. Suffice to say something new is being developed for some part of Exiern or other somewhere over the course of 2017.

So, to start the year off at least, I hope you enjoy these!