Over the course of Exiern’s 10+ year run it has been no stranger to nudity. There have been many reasons for this, from a way to bring in revenue to a developing sense of anti-censorship.

Also, sometimes our ad providers have been dicks and we’ve been forced to put shitty underwear on characters and then forget to remove them after switching services.

Right now, as part of Project Get Exiern Back To Twice-A-Week Updates,  there are two artists working separately on two Exiern story lines. In both stories there are instances were characters are less than clothed. And in both cases I told the artists, “Draw what you are comfortable with.”

One artist drew a scene were certain body parts are naturally blocked from view. The other did not. Both have turned out looking great.

I mention this because it is all part of the overall goal of continuing to elevate Exiern as the art it has been, is, and can be more so.

Nudity is, as it should be, an artistic choice. And it is worth celebrating whichever way that choice goes.

As always, as the pages post, I hope you enjoy.