Well, the first page of my arc starts tomorrow. I just want to say once more how thankful I am for the rich characters, story, and world that I have inherited from Drowemos and Chemiclord.

I wanted to put forward a little information about myself so everyone can better understand what might be coming down the pipe from me.

Regarding my past, I’ve dabbled in many types of stories, but comedy is my core. In college (La Salle University) I was a member of Improv 101 and co-created/wrote/starred in the comedy program THIS IS IT on La Salle 56. I am a founding (and former) member of the Philadelphia-based sketch comedy group Animosity Pierre. Since then I’ve worked on a variety of projects, some of which I may link to when the time is right.

Regarding Exiern, I’ve been a reader for a long time (although not from the very beginning) and really love the comic – so much so that I knew I wasn’t the best author for it when Drowemos retired and turned operations over to me. I helped select Chemiclord as the new author and really enjoyed his story arc. Now I feel I am at a place where I can correctly carry on the characters of Exiern.

So, you can expect that I won’t be retconning out anything we’ve learned of so far – but some items will be further addressed, and I promise it won’t be at the expense of character development. Tiffany and Peonie have come a long way, and while I do expect to increase the funny in each page it won’t roll back the progress made so far.

While I do read every comment on every post, I don’t expect to be very vocal – unless something I’ve posted is horrifically misunderstood. I’m a much bigger fan of letting readers discuss and theorize and then reveal things through the course of the story. So, if I’m not active in the comments, it doesn’t mean I’m not paying attention – I just think it’s more fun if I’m not swooping in and affirming Right/Wrong opinions pages before the reveal in the story.

Alright, I’ve already had to pull this entry back from the edge of rambly more than once, so I’m gonna stop here. If people have questions please feel free to post them and I’ll answer what I can – unless I feel it reveals too much about what is to come.

Thanks for reading,

Scott T. Hicken (STH)