And with this, my last page as the writer for Exiern has been published, and Scott takes over starting this Tuesday.

Unlike Osir, I never hated my role, but we both find ourselves missing it now that the road has finally reached its conclusion.  But two and a half years is a good run.  I’ve learned a lot of what works, and what doesn’t, in the world of comics, and the differences you need to take in approaching it as opposed to the prose I was used to.

But it was a good learning experience, I think.  I believe I’m a better storyteller and writer for this experience, and hopefully those lessons will show themselves as my future projects come into being.

Now I become another reader again, and I’m looking forward to what Scott has planned for us.  He’s kept fairly mum on his ideas, so I will no doubt be just as surprised as all of you.  But I’ll still be around, back to my previous role of barely saying anything (yes, believe it or not, I’m not particularly chatty by nature).

But don’t let that keep you away.  This duck doesn’t particularly mind being touched.  🙂

See ya all Tuesday.